Subscription Packages

Are you tired of conventional shops allocating excessive amounts of time for clean-ups and charging you according to the time they have allocated as opposed to that which is necessary to provide the service you are in need of? As were we. The @lmtlssbarbershop is proud to announce we shall be offering Subscription orientated packages for those that take as much pride in their appearance as we do in the quality of our work.

For $35 per week, “The Idealist” entitles the holder to as many haircuts as they desire. For $45 Per week, “The Perfectionist” entitles the holder to all that we at the limitless barbershop offer, as frequently as they would like, inclusive of beard trims and eyebrow wax’s. We hope to see you as often as viable for you, given you, the customer are a walking testament to our standard, as such it is in our best interest to ensure you are always looking and feeling your best.

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