The success of the LMTLSS barbershop will be attributed to the dedicated, enthusiastic and skilled barbers that have been hand selected to service you, the customer, in a manner we are certain you will have the highest regard for. To such talented individuals, the shop represents an environment within which they can further refine their skills, make apparent the effort they have invested to date to provide the quality of service they do and above all else, facilitate the formation of relationships between each and every one that enters the premises, customers and fellow barbers alike.

To us, a haircut is an experience to be enjoyed, to be enthusiastic regarding, as such we have equipped the shop with various means of entertaining those eagerly awaiting such an experience. It is a community we are interested in creating, as such customers are encouraged to spend time prior and proceeding their haircuts familiarizing themselves with those that also spend their week eagerly anticipating their trip to the barbers be is over a game of pool, PlayStation or a meal.

We are understanding as to the pride the modern man takes in his appearance, we take just as much pride in the shop itself and ensuring each and every haircut serves as a reflection of our pride in the shop and your pride in your appearance.