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Sharn Slade.

Sharn is perhaps our most experienced and sought after barber, hit ability with a blade is seemingly only succeeded by his boyish charm.

Nathan .

Nathan is as hardworking as he is steady handed. Nathan is a walking proof that age is not always correlative to experience or ability. With time, boyish charm and an optimistic outlook in his favour, we at the Limitless Barbershop are certain will be one of the finest barbers the Gold Coast has seen.

Hayden .

Hayden is softly spoken and prefers to let his work do the talking for him. Given the chance, Hayden is quick to make apparent his familiarity with a blade and the hours he has invested to date practicing his craft. Hayden is a firm believer in quality over quantity, taking his time with each and every cut, understanding that with every snip with the scissors he has the opportunity to add credibility to his name within the industry he is passionate regarding.